Civil Litigation Attorney in Sarasota

Civil litigation can encompass a wide variety of legal matters. In general it refers to lawsuits that involve a monetary or personal legal matter.

Unlike criminal, civil ligation involves private people, as opposed to the government, bringing forth a lawsuit or other legal process.

Civil litigation can range from something as simple as a small claim lawsuit, to a large personal injury case or corporate litigation. The rules for civil matters are extensive and complicated, and require an experienced civil litigator. They can also be lengthy and costly depending on the issues.

In addition to the State rules, there are many local rules that govern how civil matters proceed in the courts. Many judges have their own specific rules for their courtroom that must be strictly adhered to. It is vital that if you are a part of a civil legal matter that you retain experienced competent local attorneys to assist you. I offer free consultations to discuss your case and determine the best way to proceed.

Negligence and Intentional Torts

Litigation can often become necessary in a number of unforeseen circumstances.  I have experience litigating on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.  Whether you are the victim of someone else’s negligence or intentional actions or someone has alleged that you have wronged them in some way, we can represent you.   Some common causes of action that may arise are negligence, civil theft, defamation, invasion of privacy and civil battery.

Business Litigation and Breach of Contract

Litigation involving corporate entities can arise as a result of many different situations.  I have experience litigating cases involving contractual disputes, employment matters, defamation and many other areas related to challenges that arise for corporate entities.  Whether you need assistance incorporating your entity, drafting partnership or investment agreements or litigating for ownership rights or against a disgruntled former employee, we can work with you through those challenging times.

Personal Injury

Injuries resulting from auto accidents, trip and falls or one of the many other various causes can be devastating to those that are injured and their families.  I have experience litigating on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.  This gives me the knowledge to represent your interests and to anticipate how those parties responsible for your injuries will try to defend against your case.  Among the damages I will recover for you are medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and other various damages depending on your case.  I will litigate your personal injury case on a contingency fee basis, meaning that I will only be paid if you get paid and there will be no out of pocket costs to you.  I will be responsible for all the costs of litigating your case and will only recover those expenses if you prevail.

Civil Rights

The United States Constitution, as well as the Florida Constitution, afford individuals various rights, including but not limited to the freedom of speech, right to be from unlawful search and seizure, right to Due Process, and the right to equal treatment under the law.  The majority of law enforcement officers uphold their sworn duty to comply with the Constitution, but occasionally there are lapses in judgment or other circumstances in which individuals’ rights are violated.  I have experience litigating Civil Rights Violations and will start fighting to protect your rights and to seek compensation for your damages.  We can assist you if you are the victim of excessive force, false arrest or illegal search and seizure.

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