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Asset Forfeiture & Seizure Attorney
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In addition to arresting individuals for committing crimes, law enforcement agencies may attempt to asset forfeiture and seizure of the criminally accused.

Assets that are commonly seized by law enforcement agencies include vehicles, currency, firearms, jewelry, etc. Florida law requires the seizing agency to provide written notice of the seizure or forfeiture action within a specific period of time. It is important that you provide that written notice to any attorney that may be hired for criminal charges as soon as possible.

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I have litigated hundreds of seizures and forfeitures. I am well educated in this area and may be able to have your property returned to you. There are many defenses to these cases that only attorneys experienced in this area may be aware of. I will raise all available defenses on your behalf and require the law enforcement agency to prove its case. If the agency has a valid claim to your property, I can negotiate and secure the return of your property for much less than its true value.