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Many people who are facing drug charges may qualify for Drug Court.

Drug Court is a local alternative resolution for people facing various drug charges. It provides a rehabilitation-based alternative to incarceration.

The program is run by the Chief Judge for the 12th Judicial Circuit, which includes Sarasota, Manatee, and Desoto counties. It is a program designed to provide various types of rehabilitation to address the underlying issues of drug use, to prevent people from continuing to engage in drug use, and possibly commit future crimes. People who enter the program will be strictly supervised to ensure compliance. However, the program provides people with the tools needed to combat their problem, as opposed to simply placing them in jail, which will not solve the underlying issue.

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However, the program is not available to all people. It has restrictions based on criminal history, the type of charge you are facing, and your willingness to get help. It also requires the State Attorney’s office to agree to your inclusion, as well as the program workers and the Judge.

An experienced local attorney, who is familiar with the requirements and the process for applying, is needed to help you explore this possible alternative sanction. Some clients may even be eligible to have their cases dismissed and wiped from their records after completing the program. Anyone who wishes to seriously address the addiction issues that they have will find a great resolution with this program. Our lawyers can help you explore and successfully navigate this program.