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Unfortunately, in some cases, it may be necessary to protect against domestic violence. A protective order or injunction may be necessary to protect individuals who live in fear of another individual. That fear is often due to that person’s history of abuse or behavior that could be considered stalking. This is regrettably a reality that arises when individuals are emotionally stressed due to separation and/or divorce.

Even more unfortunate is when a party tries to use the legal system as a weapon. In these cases, individuals make false allegations against another with the hope of obtaining an injunction.

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Regardless of the reason, it is necessary that a party makes an effort to protect themselves. Often individuals believe that they are able to adequately represent themselves in what they believe are minor proceedings. These individuals often end up not obtaining the injunction that they so desperately need, or they have a lifetime injunction entered against them that limits their ability to obtain employment in the future or own a firearm of any kind.

Divorce attorney Whitney Coyne spent two years of his early career focused solely on prosecuting acts of domestic violence, including domestic battery and domestic violence injunctions. Few family law attorneys are as familiar with the Florida Statutes relating to domestic violence and injunctions.

Whether you are in need of an injunction or are trying to protect yourself from having the court wrongfully enter an injunction against you, we are here to fight on your behalf.